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Monument, fountain

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The Bahkauv, a scale-covered monster, is already waiting for its next prey at Büchel.

There was once a watering hole here, which was created by hot springs running down from the market. During the day, maids and poor people washed their laundry there. At night, as the legend goes, when the drunken men make their way home, they wake up the sleeping Bahkauv with loud roars. With a loud rattling of chains, it jumps onto the shoulders of the frightened men and steals the last cent from their pockets. A good excuse to tell women for losing money at home.


Bahkauv front view
Bahkauv in the snow
Bahkauv in summer

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The Bahkauv Monument is located in the middle of Aachen's old town and is within walking distance.

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Büchel 29-31, 52062 Aachen