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Zollmuseum Friedrichs

Customs Museum exhibition

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The Aachen Customs Museum is a reminder of the European border history and its customs duties.

The history of tariffs and their development, from the source of income to the protection of the local economy, is shown in around 3,000 exhibits.
Including documents from the “sinful border” of the 1950s. Also on display are banned souvenirs such as stuffed bears, crocodile bags, ivory, snakeskin and evidence of brand piracy.


Zollmuseum Friedrichs

General information

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Guided Tour for individuals and families possible every 1st Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 3rd Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Entry and Guided Tour are free, registration is not required. Group guided tour (+/- 15 people) on all days possible by telephone arrangement. Admission and Guided Tour per group: €90.00 School classes: €30.00

The museum is located on the border with the Netherlands. There are regular buses from Aachen city center towards the Customs Museum. Parking spaces are available at the museum.