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Cooking blogger, author of the Dreiländerschmeck cookbook, passionate cook and mom. She knows best what you can do in Aachen. Follow her tips and get to know Aachen from a completely new perspective.

to get  into the festival feeling in order to give you a little inspiration, I realize one thing: When I talk about Aachen, my city , When I write , I always associate feelings and experiences around the senses. Sight, taste, smell and hearing. When we “hear” aren’t we already at the core  of this blog post ? Listening to the sound of music !

“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. 
  “A magic that overshadows everything we do here.” * Festivals and open-air concerts spark magical moments, hearts beat to the beat of the music.
Dancing, singing, laughing become one, allowing everyday life - and sometimes even a few raindrops - to fade into the background for a few hours or days. A state worth seeing, isn't it? 

Aachen goes out!
Aachen goes out! And it's at its best, because Aachen and the surrounding area have a diverse repertoire of “musical sensory delights”. Oh, how I would love to dance at all the festivals, to feel the moment.

Feel the spirit of the border triangle
Isn't it wonderful to be able to enjoy such an exposed geographical location? The “triangle” of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium offers so many wonderful things such as interesting places and cities, beautiful nature, culinary delights and also interesting cultural highlights. In addition to a wide variety of museums and theaters (events), we also find musical events and open-air concerts, as well as festivals: Events – aachen tourist service (


My personal tips for the “festival season”


Eupen Music Marathon
The season starts in the border triangle with the Eupen Music Marathon May 25th and 26th are dedicated to Belgian and international artists. With free admission, visitors can enjoy hearing and experiencing all genres such as rock, pop, electro, classical, world music, jazz, blues and children's music on various stages in Eupen's city center. Stroll through the city, have a drink, let yourself drift. Perfect for families too! A holiday feeling is definitely the order of the day there, because in Belgium we feel a completely different - slightly French - atmosphere.


For the littlest of us music lovers, for those who are amazed with open mouths and wide eyes, Klingwiese again on June 2nd . A festival at Burg Frankenberg with sound installations, puppet theater, baby music and lots of beautiful things - like a sound street - more.

© Klingwiese


Kimiko Festival
“Isle of Campus”, the legendary “Kimiko Festival
attracts music enthusiasts of all ages to the RWTH Campus Melaten from June 14th to 16th . Three days from morning to evening. Hip-hop, punk, house, R&B, trap, rap, indie pop… and many more genres of music under the motto “Celebrating the culture of tomorrow”. Here we particularly feel the vibes of music as a force for exchange, innovation and ideas. Pure festival feeling, letting yourself drift on the waves. Food, drinks, several stages.

© Kimiko


Pink Pop
“Pink Pop” in Landgraaf (Netherlands) means three days, from June 21st to 23rd , festival at its finest, as it is taking place for more than the fiftieth time. Incredible. Sounds like a must experience Pink Pop. With four campsites, four stages, food and drinks, a cultural and educational mission, Pink Pop offers a stage for “living” in the flow of the festival. Newcomers, well-known artists, music genres wildly mixed. Ed Sheeran, Avril Lavigne and Calvin Harris are among others on the stages and provide moments of happiness.

© Pink Pop


The “Lothringair” enchants an entire street, Lothringer Straße , into a festival of delights for the ninth time
on June 22nd Hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling. Colorful hustle and bustle for young and old. Sunshine – would be perfect. “A street makes culture” and we experience the part of Aachen’s city center as a magnificent art event. Music, theater, food, drinks and shared experiences take first place.

© Lothringair / Christian van't Hoen –


Kurpark Classix
At the Kurpark Classix” from August 22nd to 26th, we will experience open-air concerts of a special kind in the beautiful ambience of the Aachen Kurgarten on Monheimsallee . Every year the Aachen Symphony Orchestra invites the audience to enjoy classical, rock and pop to experience a new interpretation, to immerse yourself in the acoustic worlds of the mix of symphony and the respective genre. This summer we can look forward to Jan Delay, Querbeat and Michael Patrick Kelly! The Night at the Opera, Classix for Kids and the Last Night have been a pleasure for years. For me, the special thing about the Kurpark Classix is ​​the ambience of the Kurpark with so much history, the stage with the symphony orchestra, the music envelops you, just like the nature in which you sit. At some concerts, picnics are allowed on the lawns to the side of the stands and everyone can indulge in the sensory rush of fine delicacies while listening. Everyone enjoys the moment the way they want.
 www. kurpark

© Kurpark Classix

Plunge into moments of musical enjoyment!  I am sure there is “the” highlight for every taste and every age. Everyone as they like, as they feel, as they enjoy! Here’s to a relaxed and peaceful togetherness, to a shared immersion in the world of hearing, accompanied by many other sensory experiences. 

“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes.
“A magic that overshadows everything we do here.”* I love my Aachen! 

*Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone