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"There are days that are more beautiful than the world."

Do you know that feeling? There are days when I feel the same way. These are the rare days when I can let myself go.

Days that are a symbiosis of peace, visual stimuli, a little culture or history, exercise and a delicious drink or a fine treat. Pleasure for mind and soul. So beautiful! Let me seduce you a little to see Aachen with “relaxed” eyes.


Cooking blogger, author of the Dreiländerschmeck cookbook, passionate cook and mom. She knows best what you can do in Aachen. Follow her tips and get to know Aachen from a completely new perspective.

Something old, something new

Do you see it that way too? It doesn't always have to be something new and distant; Even what is close, perhaps even familiar, can be perfect with the right perspective. Would you like to take a little visual journey through Aachen? I'll take you with me and show you my personal “Perfect Day in Aachen”.

Jacob's Church

Why not go in the “other direction”? I start at the Church of Saint Jacob, which is the first stop on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela after the Aachen Cathedral out of town. My route is not out of town, which would be possible here via a road towards the Netherlands and Belgium, but into the city. I find the idea exciting: Where others start their pilgrimage, I start my perfect day walking in exactly the other direction.

My little bit of historical knowledge for you: With a height of 87 meters, the Jakobskirche has the highest church tower in Aachen and rises like an emperor. When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, the church spire shines green-bluish, decorated with a golden ball. Rare kestrels have their home here.  

Take a look at the pilgrim chapel to the side of the entrance or the small garden to the right of the church. Small, fine oases of peace await you.

The Rosviertel with the Roskapellchen

My next little trip goes down Jakobstrasse, right over Stromgasse into Rosviertel, where I take a quick look at the small Roskapelle. I continue to stroll through Rosstrasse and come across an industrial monument with an incredibly interesting history in Aachen: The Rosfabrik. in a backyard hof you have to keep an eye out - this is where the “Josef Zimmermann” company used to be, which produced needles for the world markt . The baroque façade in Couven style, the mix of modernly renovated units in the production halls and the manor house are a great photo spot! Immerse yourself in the history of Aachen as a “needle city”! Industrial style meets contemporary.

I stroll a few meters further and dive into a charming little street in the old town.


For the Öcher one of the most beautiful streets in Aachen. She is for me too. Like a beautiful avenue into the heart of Aachen, it leads you directly towards the cathedral. Annastrasse is lined with beautiful little shops and picturesque houses. When the weather is nice, I love turning left through an archway onto Hermann-Heusch-Platz . A small green city oasis to breathe deeply. I am captivated by the Stilt Children, a life-size figure that shows laughing children walking on stilts. When I see the happy faces, children's laughter creeps into my ears and makes me smile.

Italian flair

Many a time I am magically drawn to “A tavola da Giorgio” while strolling through Annastrasse.  A small and fine Italian delicatessen shop. An espresso at the bar or on one of the two small chairs in front of the window. A piece of cheese, Parma or Amarettini are welcome; perhaps also for a small picnic at the end of the day, which can be complete with culinary delights in perfection. Dolce Vita in my Aachen. Why not? Again and again. If you wander through Aachen with your eyes open, you will find so many Mediterranean-looking spots.

Accompanied by the view of the cathedral, I stroll through the fish markt through the Spitzgässchen . Sweet tooth on board? Then quickly jump into the legendary cathedral shop and immerse yourself in the smell and taste of hundreds of fine confectionery. I continue across Münsterplatz along the cathedral and find my “place to be” in Aachen’s “ Hof ”.

My end in the Hof

For me, this little spot in Aachen – the Hof – is the perfection of an old town square. Surrounded by impressive history - a view of the cathedral, columns from the Roman past, Körberg alleys - I can end my little journey into the heart of Aachen here.

In  Café Lammerskötter am Hof ​​I enjoy delicious coffee and cake, an ice cream or a drink. Let your mind wander, enjoy, look at the people walking by or lingering, tell something or read a book. Everything is possible in a relaxed manner!

As a connoisseur, I can highly recommend the wonderful variety of gastronomy in the Hof . Pizza, pasta, salads, a freshly tapped beer.   

The quote “There are days that are more beautiful than the world” by Christian Lenz is buzzing through my head again. My perfect day in Aachen.