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Cooking blogger, author of the Dreiländerschmeck cookbook, passionate cook and mom. She knows best what you can do in Aachen. Follow her tips and get to know Aachen from a completely new perspective.

“Three things are left to us from paradise: stars, flowers and children,” is a beautiful quote that I always let flow into my thoughts when I think about the way in which children can be part of our daily routine. By this I mean how it is possible to consider all of our desires and moods and to bring them together - in everyday life and in our free time.  

Does this question come to you again and again?  So also when thinking about excursions and vacations?

City trip with children?

For me, a city trip with children wonderful and exciting . It is so “instructive” for us grown-ups when we get involved with the little ones, take their perspective, enjoy their big eyes, their laughter, their senses . I would like to take you with me and give you inspiration to conquer some beautiful corners of my Aachen with your child! 

You can experience a true sensory experience - seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling - on my little route through the city center.

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Can you taste a stinky smell? Aachen's sensory rush  

We start in front of the Elisenbrunnen.  Once and still today the landmark of Aachen's spa and bathing culture, the large hall looks like a proud monument with little feet walking through it.

In the spring and summer months, little water rats can giggle loudly in the water fountains in front of the
Elisenbrunnen , refresh their hands and feet and enjoy the beautiful water. I recommend having a towel and even a change of clothes on hand. The Kaiserquelle in the hall of the Elisenbrunnen offers a less refreshing, even more strongly smelling sensory stimulus.  You can taste the oh-so-smelly spring water at a small drinking water fountain. So take a cup with you and start the ultimate “stinky eggs” smell-drinking test. Who will win the test of courage? Not only tasting is a true sensory experience; Feeling the warm spring water and smelling it also trigger a real sensory rush in the little ones. Yuck!


Conquer a historical fountain by feeling and moving 

The next stop is the well-known  Puppenbrunnen on Krämerstraße , where young and old alike can move various limbs of Aachen figures as they wish. Small contest : Who will discover the professor, town musicians, equestrian sport, clown , fashion doll and professor?

History, culture, a good coffee   and kids playing: Center Charlemagne City Museum

All in one ? That definitely works. In Centre Charlemagne , the modern city museum between the town hall and the cathedral, you can take a brief stroll through Aachen's history. Numerous interactive displays convey individual pieces of knowledge, with a focus Charlemagne.  Quite exciting for young and old. “Karls Café” , in the entrance area of ​​the museum, is the perfect place for the sensory enjoyment of taste. Whether coffee specialties, cakes, soups or paninis: everything is delicious and served with love. A small children's play area sweetens the stay! A highlight for me and so important was always a spacious sanitary area with a changing table that you can drive your stroller to. Big plus point!

hof it's wonderful to sit at the tables on the terrace because the children can use the car-free  Katschhof Run, climb up and down the steps and maybe discover the large ventilation in Karl's herb garden at the back of the town hall . Just place it on top and let your hair and sweaters blow up. Loud squealing is guaranteed here.

On the trail of Lousberg or maybe even the devil? 

If you want to have more fun in the countryside and away from the shopping opportunities, you will definitely find the perfect place Lousberg

At over 260 meters high, the Lousberg is a true gem of diversity in fauna and flora. Families with children can discover so much. Hike the mountain, climb the old pillars of the “Aachen Acropolis”, lounge on hammocks, sniff the flowers, look into the distance, look for devil tracks and much more. For me, hanging out on the middle level by the pillars and a stepping pool is the best place to be with kids. “It’s magical here, Mom,” my daughter finally explained to me. If you like it exciting, introduce the little ones to the legend of the devil and look for traces of feet and hooves. Pretty scary!

Take a look at the stars, please! 

My tip for families with older children and young researchers: A visit to the  Aachen Observatory , which needs to be planned a little in advance, because tours are only available on certain dates!

Aachen with children is so colorful, exciting and eventful when we adults embark on the sensory journey and enjoy every moment.  Why not go looking for traces of the devil, taste disgusting water, and let your hair blow up? So many things are possible and make you happy.

I love my Aachen! 

Photos: © freestocks-photos/Pixabay
© Katja Esser